Creating and Ethereum Wallet

Step 1. Install MetaMask on your browser#

To create a new wallet with MetaMask you need to install the extension first. You can install Metamask for Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Opera browsers.

  1. Open or search for “Metamask extension” using your favorite search engine.

In this tutorial we will be using Google Chrome as an example, but the workflow is the same for all browsers.*JCvnTXS3Xu0X-RExle77LA.png*yO33yG60Vzht6n9L4JcXeA.png
  1. Click Chrome to install MetaMask as a Google Chrome extension.

  2. Click Add to Chrome.

  3. Click Add Extension.*pGyNYTNmc_gZskdXH0enKQ.png*ukli2LnKCQkMKT0TJFi5iQ.png

That’s it! You have successfully installed MetaMask extension!

Step 2. Create an account#

The next step is to create an account.

  1. Click on the MetaMask icon in the upper right corner to open the extension.

  2. To install the latest version of MetaMask, click Try it now.

  3. Click Continue.*5hrpXhzgQYNQMV2GhQl4-Q.gif
  1. You will be asked to create a new password. Create a strong password and click Create.

Don’t forget to store your password for safekeeping!*FZEkwKijuGmIXMLfEHwtgg.png*GY-dCrx6d2nXdJVT4g_STg.png
  1. Proceed by clicking Next, then accept Terms of Use.

  2. Click Reveal secret words.

  3. You will see a 12 words seed phrase. Save seed words as a file or copy them to a safe place and click Next.

Reveal secret words and copy your secret backup phrase to a safe place*3Q9CtffF4SrXNpcjoEiPWw.png*ZVGYYeUAhvWP3vx0MLyJvg.png

Security tips:Write this phrase on a piece of paper and store in a secure location. If you want even more security, write it down on multiple pieces of paper and store each in 2–3 different locations.Memorize this phrase.

  1. Verify your secret phrase by selecting the previously generated phrase. When done, click Confirm.*n6mJR5csvbgsBK-hcx6nBQ.gif

By “solving this puzzle” you are confirming that you know your secret phrase.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your MetaMask account. You are able to use the platform to buy an ETH. Now all you need to do is to fund your account. In general, you need to buy Ethers in an exchange like Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex, Coinbase, and then transfer the amount to your personal wallet.