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Our Statement

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    We acknowledge all questions being raised about the environmental impact of minting #NFTs. We are also part of the group who cares about the planet and wants improvements that don't have a negative impact on our lives.
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    All technical decisions made by FACTS-NFT followed two core values: the need to be in an easy-to-access and environmentally respectful marketplace and the need to use a cryptocurrency that publicly aims to be greener in the near future.
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    FACTS-NFT chose OpenSea because this marketplace is not only widely known but also offers a "lazy minting" method. This means an NFT is only created only (and if) there is a transaction.
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    FACTS-NFT chose Ethereum not only because this is a popular cryptocurrency among NFT buyers, collectors and investors, but also because it has publicly announced plans to be 99,8% greener in 2022.
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    FACTS-NFT is all about facts and transparency. On our website you will find detailed documentation about this issue. Please make sure to read it.