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One of the most difficult issues our digital society faces today is the rapid spread of dis/misinformation and the impact it has on our lives. Falsehoods can easily fuel hate speech, weaken democracies and become a real-life threat. Research has shown that disinformation can affect student’s grades, can be harmful to our health, and makes it harder for people to accept the truth.
Fact-checking is a journalistic process that is growing globally while seeking to separate facts from fiction According to the Duke Reporters' Lab, there are at least 300 fact-checking organizations in the world battling mis/disinformation.
These groups, however, are financially underserved and heavily dependent on social media platforms (for grants and project-support).
We believe this project can not only introduce the fact-checking community to a whole new revenue stream but also generate buzz among citizens who are interested in supporting their work while making their own financial investments.
Last modified 2yr ago